Marla Blackwell


Marla Blackwell was born in Southern Alberta, Canada.  Although the prairie and the grain fields were her home as a child, she was drawn to the foothills and beautiful tree land west of Calgary, Alberta.  Marla has a passion for the landscape and expresses it in her paintings.  "There is endless inspiration and tranquility right here in this great land of ours".

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Oils • Acrylics • Watercolour are mediums welcome in my class.

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1:00-4:00 pm

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She paints in a style that encompasses traditional to the abstract---whichever moves her at that moment.  Her desire is to pass on and impact the viewer with the same emotion she feels as she creates each piece of art.  Contemporary figure art is also a love of hers, which is displayed on the "Figures Page".  Almost as much as creating art, Marla loves to teach it.  She has many classes and workshops which can be seen in detail on the "Classes" page.  Marla invites you to come and get caught up in the moment---whether you want to view art or create it.

Putting paint to brush to canvas is fulfilling and inspiring. One mark leads to another just as a thought does. From a young age, art has been my passion. It has always transported me to another place. When someone views my paintings, it is my intent they will immerse themselves into the artwork and feel ‘pulled in’ by my brushmarks....whether it is impressionistic landscape, abstract or figure painting.


The abstract paintings I create are an intuitive and carefree style of the landscape. I throw caution to the wind and paint whatever may occur to me in the moment. The paintings may be recognized as a landscape or with other pieces the viewer can interpret with their own imagination. Engaging the viewer is my ultimate goal.

Marla Blackwell's abstract painting of yellow leaves.

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