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Use this Gray Scale and Value Finder to determine colour values and intensities.


How to use: Place the die-cut card directly on a photo or piece of artwork, or view it between your eyes and your subject matter to match the gray values on the card to the colours you are seeing.


The card measures 4" × 6" (10 cm × 15 cm), and it shows 10 values from 100% black to 10% black.


It includes simple explanations and instructions on how to darken or lighten colours when using a colour wheel.


Grey Scale & Value Finder:


Identifies the value of individual hues: Use the uniquely shaped contours and surrounding greys:

  • To surround any hue/colour for accurate value reading.
  • To interpret value differences or contrasts between hues.
  • To view hues of any value and compare colours correctly with those of surrounding objects, distant or near.


Mid-grey absorbs and reflects equal amounts of white light, allowing the viewer to see hues correctly without the influence of other colours.


Raising or lightening the value of a hue: Lightening pigment hues with white changes the absorption/reflection levels of white light, raising the value of the original hue, and placing the lightened hue into a new category of a chromatic white neutral which reflects only 3-5% of the original hue, or a tint of the original hue. This depends on the amount of white added.


Lowering or deepening the value of a hue: Deepening a hue with a black, grey or complementary colour, lowers the value level, darkening the hue and reducing the intensity of the original colour. Deepening with black now places the hue into a new category of a chromatic black neutral, which reflects only 3-5% of the original hue, or a shade of the original hue, depending on the amount of black added.


Deepening with grey or a complement creates a tone, which subdues or dulls the original colour. Using the Grey Scale & Value Finder will help determine the new value levels.


Read this article to find out how this item will help you identify the right value. HERE 

Grey Scale and Value Finder

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