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A Gem of Opalescence

Opalescent and reactive, the colours reveal a stunning honeycomb and textured effect within minutes after application. Magnificent abstract effects are obtained when dropped or poured on a horizontal surface… A true embellishment to create jewellery and audacious artwork.


Pébéo Fantasy Prisme Paint adds a unique, honeycomb effect to your handcrafted creations.


Ideal for creating one-of-a-kind jewellery and decorating all surfaces.


Use on metal, porcelain, terra cotta, ceramic, canvas, glass, wood, and more. Available in 28 brilliant colours, Fantasy Prisme can be applied with a brush, dropper or poured directly from the bottle. It can also be mixed for contrasting effects or applied over fresh Pébéo Vitrail or Fantasy Moon colours for surprising, fascinating results. Dries completely within 10 hours, revealing a hard finish with enamelled texture.




28 stunning opaque colours designed to create incredible honeycomb and textured metallic effects when applied generously to any flat surface.

  • Solvent Based.
  • Can be easily mixed together, and ready to use.
  • Honeycomb effect with pearlescent opaque colours.
  • Compatible with all Pebeo Mixed Media products.



  • Stir the paint well before application to obtain a fluid colour. Do not shake.
  • You can pour the paint onto to flat horizontal surface, or alternatively, you can use a pipette or brush.
  • The unique honeycomb effect reveals itself after 5-10 minutes, as the paint is drying.
  • The effects will vary depending on whether the Prisme paints are used alone, mixed with one another or combined with Fantasy Moon. Or, used with other Mixed Media products.
  • Drying time varies according to the thickness of the paints. Applications of 2mm will take 24 hours to become touch dry, and completely dry after 24 hours.
  • Wait 7 days to apply a resin topcoat.


Fantasy Prisme:

  • Opaque colours with honeycomb effects and a pearlescent finish
  • The effect reveals itself while the paint is drying (5 to 10 minutes)


Fantasy Moon:

  • Opaque colours with hammered effects and a pearlescent finish
  • The effect appears instantly upon application


Effect painting - Honeycomb effect

The Pébéo Fantasy Prisme range of paintings is unique! Prisme colours by Pébéo will delight the Mixed Media fans, that is to say, the designers used to create with, at least two mediums, or two different work media.


This range is particularly suited to artists and fans of fine arts-loving jewelry, scrapbooking, decorative objects, paintings and other accessories on paper, cardboard, mirror, ceramic, glass, wood, canvas, metal, porcelain, acetate, terracotta, polymer clay type Fimo …


The foamed effect obtained is variable and depends on the application technique used. For example, you can easily obtain a “moon” effect, a crocodile skin crackle effect, gemstones, molecule, particles …


How to use Pébéo’s Prisme Fantasy painting?

The paints are ready to use and resist perfectly to light, 3 application solutions are available:


1) With a dropper, for a precise mix


2) With a brush, drip or by applying the brush on your surface for more rectilinear effects


3) With the vial directly poured on your surface for a mass mixing effect

After that ? Just wait a few minutes, time to observe the chemical reaction of the paintings you mixed, you’ll see, that’s very fun!


The honeycomb effect is revealed during drying.


For a thick layer such as filling cabochon settings and other jewelry holders to garnish, we advise you to wait 6 hours to the touch, 72 hours to the core.

The final finish is glossy and opaque.


NOTE: You can also superimpose the colours of Fantasy Prism for even more original effects, contrasts or gradients.

Pébéo • Fantasy Prisme

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