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The Masters Artist Survival Kit is a crucial, take-along bag with all the products needed for safe, easy clean-up after a messy painting session.


Artist Survival Kit - - This Mini Clean-Up Kit includes a 1/4 oz. The Masters Brush Cleaner for cleaning most paintbrushes, 1/2 oz. The Masters Hand Soap for removal of paint, grease and grime and The Original Kiss-off Stain Remover which works great on clothes, carpets, rubber stamps and more.


Also includes "Total Care for Your Brushes" pamphlet which explains how Master's Brush Cleaner and Preserver is a simple one-step process to keep your brushes looking and performing new.


Everything comes packed in a durable plastic basin.

  • The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver, 2-5/8 oz (75 gr) cake
  • The Masters Artist's Hand Soap, 4-1/2 oz (126 gr) bar
  • Kiss-Off Stain Remover, 0.7 oz (21 ml) tube
  • General's Factis Extra Soft Eraser
  • Tiny handheld pencil sharpener

"The Master's" Artist Survivor Kit

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