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Full strength one pigment paint at an incredible value. Unlike lots of other less expensive brands, Graham contains no wax as a filler. Clean clear and inexpensive, Graham has a longer open time than most other acrylics. Available in 59ml tubes with big caps.


M. Graham Acrylic Paints now available in Large 150ml tubes!


Same great paint you've been using, now in a large tube format. Pure one pigment paint in a cost-saving larger size. This is without a doubt the best acrylic paint at the best price you'll find anywhere.


The acrylic paints manufactured by M. Graham & Co. are formulated to have a longer working time than most acrylics -- up to an hour, depending on temperature and humidity. This enables you to work wet-on-wet and blend colours in a way that's more like working with oil paints than with acrylics.


Being used to acrylics that dry rapidly and building up colours by glazing, using M. Graham & Co's acrylics with their longer working time takes a little getting used to, but open up new options.


At the heart of our acrylic colour lies a unique high-solids pure acrylic emulsion. Containing 60% solids (instead of the usual 45% found in artists' colour), this emulsion has enabled us to eliminate dependency upon the artificial thickeners used in artists' colour. The result, increased pigment loadings for stronger, more intense colour and enhanced working properties with the flow and delicacy normally found only in fine gouache.


Our colour may be thinned with Gloss Medium & Varnish or Matte Medium to the exact fluidity and sheen preferred.

Violets - Blues (M.Graham Acrylic)

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