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Suzanne Presinal

Monthly Art Instruction For Adults.

Watercolour has always been my go-to and especially when I’m travelling. It packs easily, and it doesn’t take up lots of space. There are times I don’t have a brush handy and find my index finger and my nails do quite a nice job, especially for landscapes.

Acrylics only came to me in the last 10 years in a serious way and I admit I never knew their boldness had the power to ignite my canvas.

Mixed media is pretty much a given in all my work, I don’t follow the strict guidelines of any one discipline and am more interested in the expansion of an idea rather than a single slide in the artist’s playground.

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Acrylic, Watercolor, Mixed-Media, Oil, and Pen & Pencil are mediums welcome in my class.

Adult Class Times:


1:00 - 4:00 pm

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1:00 - 4:00 pm

Holds the position of Artist – Instructor – Graphic Designer

I have been a designer/artist/found object sculptor, it’s been my life.

One of my first instructors in art college had us close our eyes, forget what we thought we were supposed to be drawing and empty our minds before approaching the easel.


Mindfulness, before we knew what mindfulness was.

Frank was my drawing instructor and it was he who clarified the way to look at the world and objects in this world. He would say, when you are drawing a chair, look at the space around the chair, rather than an already preconceived notion of what we thought the chair looked like. If you remove your idea of the object you get closer to seeing its truth. Frank, I think of your words every time I pick up a paintbrush, pencil, marker, scissors or hammer, I think of those words and I try to find my truth. I try to let my expression come from my divergent thoughts which tend to be different, non-linear and develop in different directions:

  • psychology(of thought) using a variety of premises, especially unfamiliar premises, as bases for inference, and avoiding common limiting assumptions in making deductions: “divergent thinking”

  • Or I have a lot of fun with the materials and paints at my disposal.

  • I encourage all my students to go for it, explore beyond their comfort and continue discovery through play.