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Tayebe Joodaki

Monthly Art Instruction For Adults.

Realism in art.

Tayebe learned realistic painting under the supervision of famous and skillful artists in Iran. She decided to start teaching art and chose to be a full-time artist. She was recognized as a successful and talented artist within a short time.

Tayebe's Instructor Photo.jpeg

Oil, acrylic, chalk pastel, colouring pencil, charcoal, pencil, spray and watercolour are mediums welcome in my class.

Adult Class Times:


1:15 - 4:15 pm

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Tayebe Joodaki was born in Iran, a country with a long history in art and culture. When she was a little girl, her family recognized Tayebe’s talent in painting, but they did not favour her becoming an artist in the future; nonetheless, she did not give up and tried to attend painting classes during summer breaks.


When her parents saw her talent and interest in painting, they started supporting her. Even though Tayebe participated in university exhibitions and was recognized for her talent, she only started painting seriously after graduating in Agricultural Engineering.

Tayebe has worked as an accomplished instructor with the Calgary Board ofEducation and Kerby Centre, Swinton‘s Art, MTA: YYC/LRT, and the “Paint Ur ArtOut” Gallery.

Tayebe immigrated to Canada in 2015 and received the New Canadian Artist
Award from the Mayor of Calgary, Naheed Nenshi, in 2016. Also, she was horned to be the Finalist of the 22nd Annual Immigrants of Distinction Awards (2018).


One year later, in 2019, she received the 30th international Artavita online art Contest. She was invited to publish her paintings in the book “Current Masters” and submit her work to famous international galleries in New York like Artexpo.

Tayebe Joodaki's Artwork