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Todd Lachance


Spending a lot of time outdoors and immersing myself in the geography of my subject, I try to work in natural settings and from life as much as possible. This is reflected in my artwork. In the studio, larger paintings are created from smaller outdoor sketches. This was a process I learned from the likes of Tom Thomson. Like my predecessors, I am fascinated with light and colour and how it affects our world. This is what I paint.

Todd Lachance's profile picture of him painting.

Oils • Acrylics • Graphite are mediums welcome in my class.

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Todd was born and raised in Grimsby, Ontario in 1969. He moved to Calgary after high school to train for long track speed skating. After his athletic career came to an end, Todd moved his focus to his other passion - art. He gained representation at a number of galleries but took another break to be a full-time Dad to his two children, Jackson and Isabelle. Now that they are both in school, he is excited to be a full-time painter again. To be able to do something that he is passionate about is extremely rewarding!

Todd is a representational painter who has been influenced by Tom Thomson, The Group of Seven, Rembrandt, Degas, The Impressionists, Sargent, Sorolla, Zorn, Schmid and Lipking. He enjoys working in nature and from life as much as possible. In the studio, large paintings are created from smaller outdoor sketches.

I am self-educated. I don't mean that I invented the techniques I use. What I mean is that I look at the paintings of artists who inspire me, seeking out artists I can learn from and studying with them. Richard Schmid and Jeremy Lipking are two contemporaries that I have been fortunate to work with.