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Faber Castell Creative Studio Oil Pastels are extremely versatile and soft offering smooth consistent laydown for near professional pastel effects. Thanks to their high concentration of pigments these high-quality oil-based pastel crayons are lightfast and therefore are not likely to fade or change their colour.


Faber Castell Creative Studio oil pastels come in a great range of colours which are ideal for encaustic pastel and sgraffito techniques. These oil pastels are so soft that using your finger or a special rubber tool will enable you to easily manipulate the oil pastels around the page which is ideal for blending large areas of colour and pushing the pastels into the stubborn canvas holes.


Thanks to the high-quality consistency of the Faber Castell Creative Studio oil pastels blending wiping mixing and thinning with white spirit or other oil thinners becomes fast and effortless. The Faber Castell Creative Studio oil pastels are suitable for use on all paper types and colours cardboard canvas and even wood and clay pottery.


  • Faber Castell Creative Studio Oil Pastel Set
  • Colours included in the set: White Ivory Cadmium yellow Dark cadmium orange Pink carmine Helio blue reddish Phthalo blue Phthalo green Light green Terracotta Van dyck brown Black Cold Grey IV Raw umber Light cobalt turquoise Emerald green Permanent green olive Medium flesh Light cadmium yellow Cadmium orange Light purple-pink Fuchsia Middle purple-pink Purple violet Cobalt blue Cream Dark cadmium yellow Pink madder lake Light phthalo blue Olive green yellowish Chrome green Dark flesh Burnt ochre dark Napless ochre Cold grey II Light violet
  • Versatile, soft and lightfast
  • Easy to blend mix wipe
  • Ideal for encaustic pastel and sgraffito techniques
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces
  • Faber Castell Creative Studio Oil Pastel Set 36Pcs


Oil-based pastel crayons offer wonderful opportunities of applying both extremely intense, strong colors and delicate pastel tones. Due to their high luminosity, the crayons are ideal for encaustic as well as various pastel and scraping techniques. Depending on the desired artistic effect, you can use your finger to wipe them or blend them with a paintbrush and turpentine (or white spirit).


  • Vivid colors with intense luminosity for encaustic, pastel and scraping techniques
  • There are endless possibilities of blending individual colors to create new hues
  • Easy to wipe or blend with your finger or turpentine (white spirit)
  • 36 assorted colors in a cardboard box
  • Available in various assorted sets.

Faber Castell Oil Pastels SET

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