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Figure Drawing Is Open

Drop in

Figure Drawing & Painting

Every Tuesday 6-8pm

Vaccination proof not required for Figure Drawing.


Drop in & Draw

Our drawing sessions offer a variety of poses suitable for beginner and experienced artists. The shorter poses allow for gestural or loose work, while the longer poses are perfect for more detail or even a finished artwork.

Doug Swinton's figure drawing of a woman laying down.

Price: $15 (drop-in)

Card for 10 sessions $135 (GET 1 FREE)

Swinton's figure drawing punch card.


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Nude male or female model with ocassional semi-nude, costume and theme sessions. (Halloween is our favourite)

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We begin with short poses suitable for gesture drawing and build up to longer poses in the second hour, finishing the session with a 20 minute pose.

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Bring your own materials. We provide desks, easels, model, lighting and a groovy atmosphere.

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Bring your own materials. We provide desks, easels, model, lighting and a groovy atmosphere.

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Bring a friend. Make it a date! 

About Figure Drawing

Figure drawing has been the standard measurement of an artist's skills for hundreds of years. It is as important today as ever. It teaches good observation and accurate sketching.

The best way to learn how to draw anything is by observing and drawing human beings. If you know how to render the figure well, your skills at creating nonfigurative and even abstract art will be stronger. Life drawing teaches accuracy of observation and leads to the ability to draw or paint any subject.

The more you draw the figure the more you will develop the ability to communicate movement and personality. By using simple lines an artist should be able to give a figure a real sense of life and individuality. You will learn to draw three dimensionally and to make the figures feel like they exist in a real world.

Doug Swinton figure drawing of a woman with her hand on her chin.
Doug Swinton's figure drawing article picture.


Observing and interpreting the shape of the human body trains an artist to see almost every form of curve, line, and subtle undulation found in nature.

Student Figure Drawing
Price: $15 (drop-in)
Card for 10 sessions $135 (GET 1 FREE)

Figure Drawing Enhances Brain Function and Well-Being

A great way to increase numerous useful life skills...

OBSERVATION SKILL • In our modern and busy lifestyle we often look at things without really seeing them. Life drawing forces you to analyze every single detail of the model’s body in order to depict it the best you can on paper. With the force of habit, this skill will translate into your everyday life and will help you read the world around better.

RELAX • Our figure drawing classes last for 2 hours, and the only thing you have to focus on is the model and your drawing. A perfect way to escape your crazy life. That doesn’t mean it’s easy! But because it is a hard exercise it requires all your focus, all your thoughts, and in this way it is a form of meditation.

Breathe. Focus on one single task. Release your worries. Be mindful.

BE A BETTER ARTIST • Figure drawing is considered by some to be the foundation of any fine art education and training and the human shape is thought to be the most complex and difficult to represent. It is seen as one of the most difficult challenges an artist can face. Putting in the work to progress in this discipline is a lifelong effort that will make you a better drawer but also a better painter and a better human being.

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    2 hr

    15 Canadian dollars
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Card for 10 sessions = GET 1 FREE

Swintons figure drawing punch card.
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