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This is synthetic at its best a fine imitation to bristle. A cross between a firm bristle yet has a silky spring that doesn't leave brush marks. Designed to be a working tool for oil artists - a brush that doesn't splay keeping a good firm shape and cleans out really well. This range outsells our traditional Chungking bristle by around 10:1 which speaks volumes. They carry a good load of paint for realistic work and they are perhaps as close to ideal as it gets.


This new range of Rosemary & Co brushes will allow for the technique of laying on paint or pigment thickly so it will stand out from the surface. The Ivory synthetics are easy to clean, durable, hardwearing and will allow for thick paint application. They are made on the beavertail handle, which is easy to hold and control.

The Ivory is synthetic bristle at its best, a cross between the feel of nylon and hog bristle. The oval end can be used to both make sweeping strokes but also fine lines when held vertically.


"A painting is a pictorial representation of an artist's intelligence and sensitivity. To portray these qualities one needs a brush that’s responsive to every nuanced emotion. Caressing the paint with a handmade Rosemary brush is a privilege every artist should enjoy." - David Leffel June 2011

Rosemary & Co (Ivory)

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