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The Sienna Plein Air Tripod with ballhead is an exceptional piece of equipment. Sienna located one of the best tripod manufacturers in the world to find the perfect tripod and ballhead for plein air use.
The tripod support for your pochade box is the most important piece in a good painting system. It has to be strong, lightweight, rugged, and rated to support a decent amount of weight, the Sienna tripod excels in all these categories.
The tripod and included ballhead are individually rated to support 13.2 lbs (6 kg). This high load rating is critical to the stability of your pochade box while painting, and in windy conditions. You can rest assured that your tripod has the strength to hold up to both mother nature and you, the painter.
The sienna tripod comes with a precision machined ballhead that ensures smooth and secure operation of your pochade box at any pitch and angle.  A patented, dual locking, dovetailed quick-release plate enables fast and secure mounting and dismounting, without having to worry about accidentally unseating the pochade box. The ballhead is controlled by a one-touch adjustment knob that allows for quick and precise positioning.
Carrying Case
The Sienna Tripod comes with a shoulder strap and carrying case made of high quality durable materials to provide maximum protection of your tripod and ballhead.

Sienna Tripod


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