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These distinctive black lacquer handled brushes with a signature silver band are a water-based artist’s dream! The Black Velvet® series is made with a blend of natural squirrel hair and black synthetics that allows the brush to hold a huge amount of colour and release it with perfect control for watercolours, gouache, liquid acrylics, inks and dyes. The bristles are simultaneously soft enough to allow multiple-layer glazing without disturbing previous colours, yet firm enough to lift colour with a gentle scrub.


3008S series features a specially engineered black acrylic handle with bevelled edges for scraping and separating paper from watercolour blocks.


Great with watercolour, gouache, liquid acrylics, inks and dye!


These deluxe watercolour brushes feature a specially designed combination of pure natural squirrel hair and a black synthetic hair blend. This combination holds huge amounts of colour and releases it with perfect control. The soft hair blend allows for delicate techniques like glazing and painting multiple layers, yet is firm enough due to the synthetic blend where lifting colour is easy with a light and gentle scrub of the brush.


Black Velvet Brushes are perfect for artists that work with inks, gouaches, acrylics, watercolours, and dyes. A treat for any multi-media artist!

Silver Black Velvet Watercolour Brushes

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