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Sue Contini is a contemporary landscape painter living and working in Calgary, Alberta. She works primarily in acrylic.

She is a lifelong artist; her grandmother was a highly regarded painter, weaver, potter and textile artist who introduced Sue to the joy of art-making very early in her life.

Sue has been teaching art for more than 10 years.

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She had the privilege of attending an arts-centred high school, where she studied drawing, printmaking and painting in depth, along with the french horn and a very little bit of math.

Sue graduated from York University’s Fine Arts program. Life took her to Northern Ontario, and then Calgary, during which time she did everything she could to instill a passion for the arts in her own four children, and all the other children she encountered.

She has spent many years as an art instructor in all mediums - teaching privately, in community groups, through the school boards and at Swintons Art in Calgary. Sue loves to teach, but loves to learn just as much.

Her art world has been full of incredible instruction and mentorship, including John Topelko, John Lovett, Brian Atyeo, Mike Svob, Michael O’Toole, David Langevin, Jane Davies, Brian Smith, Chantel Barber, Robert Burridge, Brent Lynch and many more. Her esteemed Swintons colleagues are friends and mentors and she learns from them continually.

Sue started teaching workshops for many artist groups in Alberta and BC, and a highlight this year was coaching with Doug Swinton in Alert Bay, BC.

Her work is in numerous private collections, as well as corporate collections in Canada and overseas including BMO Nesbitt Burns, Qualico Communities, Dean Engineering, Columbia College, and Badgery Rafferty Law.

Artist Statement

My approach to each painting is usually sparked by atmosphere, colour and light in the landscape. I want to convey my memory of those moments in my work, as much as I want to capture the scene. My process of layering allows colour to optically mix and provides effects that are unachievable otherwise. I am drawn to patterns, rhythms and little colour connections that move throughout my paintings. There is a delicate balance of intuitive painting and very controlled development in my work - I am constantly looking for interesting areas to develop in the painting while at the same time trying to stay true to my initial intent.

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