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Azzi Tehrani


Since graduating in 2000, I have ventured into my watercolour adventure and now I have 20 years of experience, teaching and learning watercolour from the best. My art classes are dedicated to nature and landscape paintings.

Watercolours are mediums welcome in my class.


Azzi Tehrani


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1:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Graduated Tehran University of Arts in 2000, Tehran, Iran.

  • Worked professionally as a watercolour artist since graduation and has gone on to study with other great artists both in Iran and England. 

  • Discovered a passion for painting through spending time in nature and with her grandfather, who was a professional self-taught artist. 

  • Artists who have influenced (her) include Hazel Soan, David Bellamy, William Newton, Peter Cronin and the legendary Grant Fuller. 

  • The artwork focuses primarily on nature, landscapes, seascapes, the sky, and other interesting subjects in watercolour.  

  • Lived and worked in England as an artist since 2002, (her) work is represented in private and public collections. 

I like to captivate the beauty of nature in my paintings as well as teach others how to do so! There are many skills required to enhance your art, but I like to encourage everyone that improvement takes time and practice, which is what will be provided in my workshops.

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Artist Statement

“I love nature and its beauty; it inspires my work. Every time I see beautiful scenery, I try to capture it in a watercolour painting. It gives me peace and energy, and it allows me to connect with nature. I love to share this amazing feeling with others by teaching the techniques I have personally acquired. I have a passion for teaching the arts of watercolour, its pigments and different painting styles through demonstrations and workshops”.