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Artists MVP tool (Mirror, Value viewer, and Planner)


The Artists MVP is a unique assemblage of 3 plexi-glass ‘viewers’ on a lanyard for assisting the artist with their painting and in viewing their subject matter.

The plexi-glass Mirror enables artists to look at their painting and/or subject in reverse making inaccuracies easier to see.


The Value Viewer is a piece of transparent dark red plexi- glass enabling the artist to see only shades of lights and darks for determining the appropriate value relationship to be painted.


The Planner, is a clear piece of plexi-glass with a 1/2” black border surrounding a black lined grid enabling the viewer to determine desired composition and accuracy in drawing of the subject.


All 3 plexi-glass viewers are 3”x4”x 1/8” with a 1/4” hole drilled in a corner suspended on a 1-1/4” key ring and attached to a lanyard.

Artist's MVP (Mirror, Value Viewer, Composition Planner


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