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The easy way to add metal leaf to your artwork. Simple Leaf is a new innovation in composition leaf, designed to work with flat surfaces. Simple Leaf is bonded with wax paper and when applied to an area with adhesive the leaf adheres to this area only. The excess leaf will stay on the wax transfer paper so there are less waste and mess that is commonly associated with the leafing process. Works with oils and acrylic. Gold, silver or copper available.


  • 18 sheets
  • 5.5” X 5.5” each


Metal Leafing is a time-honoured craft that is truly a part of humanity's artistic heritage. With Mona Lisa metal leafing products from Speedball, leafing can be a beautiful and truly unique artistic style used to embellish, restore, and create.

Each Metal Leaf is separated by tissue paper.


Adhesive or sizing, comes in many forms, and all forms share one important property called open time. This is the amount of time that the adhesive stays workable after it has been applied. In most cases, the adhesives used for leafing will allow the artist to apply the adhesive to large areas without having to worry about it drying out before leaf is applied. Traditional adhesives are oil based, but in recent years, the advancement of water-based adhesives has made them very popular.

Speedball Leaf Sheets - Gold, Silver, Cooper

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