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Leisure Painter Magazine: Paula Henchell - Part 2

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Paula Henchell - Leisure Painter Magazine - October 2013

This is the final part of a two part article published in Leisure Painter Magazine. 

Paula Henchell, one of our fine instructors, demonstrates in a straightforward fashion how this combination of watercolour and acrylic painting comes to life. Paula's paintings are realistic and her approach to painting is systematic and based on abstract design. The dreamy poured background is a soft stage for the rhythmic design of the detailed flower in the foreground.

Leisure Painter is a unique art magazine, in which you are invited to create a similar painting by following along. List of materials is included. By following Paula's process you'll realize her technique is not magic. It's just magical.

Part 1 step-by-step {Download - PDF}

1. Your reference material.

2. Drawing the subject.

3. Pouring the background.

4. Begin to glaze.

5. Starting the negative painting.

6. Second cut of negative painting.

7. Add colour to the negative leaves.

Part 2 step-by-step {Download - PDF}

In this October issue you will finish the flower using acrylic paint.

8. Start to paint with acrylics

9. Details

10. Finish the acrylic flower

11. Finishing touches

Happy Painting.


PS - leave us a comment below if you tried this process or if you found any part of it useful.

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