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Ready to be an an artist?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Art is a cake that comes in layers...

After 18 years of helping artists achieve their unique vision, we have come to recognize that art has a different meaning for different people. Art can be a very serious endeavour or a playful game. For some, the goal is to build a practice and sell artwork in a commercial gallery. Others enjoy doodling and bringing ideas to life. The important thing is your artistic journey.

Let's begin... Wherever you find yourself is exactly the right place for you. The next step is the only important step. Take it. "Don't wait until you know who you are to make things." You're ready now. Begin.

"You need a stage and you need a costume and you need a script. The stage is your workspace. It can be a studio, a desk, or a sketchbook. The costume is your outfit, your painting pants, or your writing slippers, or your funny hat that gives you ideas. The script is just plain old time. An hour here, or an hour there. A script for a play is just time measured out for things to happen."Austin Kleon - Steal Like an Artist

Need inspiration? Delve into the history of your craft. See what others are doing. Search the Web for something completely unrelated. Work on projects that are seemingly impossible. Open up your mind to creative opportunities. Just get started!

The following might also help - (shameless plug)

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"I consider attending a well-stocked art-materials stores a desirable deviation and an art in itself. Materials-shopping can actually be a creative event not unlike the experimentation that happens in the studio. You need to be relaxed, open-minded and prepared to stay in the store just short of the time it takes to get picked up for loitering. I recommend putting your hands in your pockets for the first while and then only handling stuff on the second pass. Well-stocked stores are loaded with new gadgets, tools and materials that invite pause and the inevitable creative question, "What could be?"Robert Genn - The Painter's Keys

What could be is that you will make something that you enjoy or even love. What could be better?

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