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Strokes of Genius 4 - Doug Swinton

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The Best of Drawing - Exploring Line

"Line is arguably the most fundamental and direct element in art, and also the most expressive ... as personal as handwriting. Strokes of Genius 4 explores the line work of more than 100 contemporary masters. These artists tell the stories of their varied subjects through strong verticals and sweeping diagonals, quick staccatos and loose, sensuous strokes."

We are proud to announce that our very own Doug Swinton was included in this beautiful publication.  

Why is it always the first few "I don't care" warm-up sketches that seem to work? Spontaneity and not overthinking is my guess. I like to draw just fast enough to keep the left brain chasing the right. Not quite lifting the pencil off the page, I love the ghost lines that are left from drawing in an accelerated manner. And a splash of color, top up my wine and sit back to admire how smart I was to buy a sketchbook with perforated pages!

Strokes of Genius 4 The Best of Drawing

By Rachel Rubin Wolf

Format: Hardcover

You'll Love This Drawing Art Book If:

  • You love finding inspiration in the art of others

  • You're on the hunt for a great coffee table art book or addition to your art library

  • You love hearing about creativity & artistic process from fellow illustrators

Learn great new tips for drawing & illustrating in the latest edition of Strokes of Genius. Hear from fellow drawing artists as they describe & discuss their selected works in Strokes of Genius 5. You'll spend hours delving deep into each image, finding your own inspiration & creativity. This coffee table is oversized for optimal viewing! Readers will enjoy hours of browsing to spark their own creativity and possibilities for their own work. 

In Strokes of Genius 4 You'll Get:

  • Artistic drawing inspiration, ideas & insights from more than 100 artists

  • Drawing tips, techniques & instruction to help you improve your own drawings

  • More than 140 drawings with interesting stories from the artists themselves

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