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Teens' artwork selected for Calgary Stampede Showcase

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

2013 Grade 12 Western Art Scholarship

Robyn Feluch takes painting classes at Swinton's with Michelle Grant (2012 Outstanding Artist Achievement Award) and is making great strides toward greatness. We are always very proud when our students achieve something great.

Here is a bit of the Western Wheel article:

When a DeWinton teen set to work painting a buffalo resting comfortably in the snow last winter she didn't dream it would be admired by thousands from around the world.

Seventeen-year-old Robyn Feluch's buffalo captivated a panel of five judges with a history in art. The painting, titled "The Story Begins Here" placed second out of 16 entries from 13 communities in the rural category for the Calgary Stampede Western Art Auction's Grade 12 Western Art Scholarship competition.

Come see her beautiful artwork at Swinton's Art Show & Gala.

Feluch said it was purely coincidental she was already working on a painting representing western Canada when she learned about the contest.

She took a picture of a buffalo resting in the snow at the Calgary Zoo and was looking forward to putting it on canvas.

“I was just wanting to paint a buffalo,” she said. “I’ve always admired them. They are wonderful creatures and it was on my bucket list to paint them.”

The animal she spotted at the zoo was the perfect subject.

“He just has this look like he has a story to tell,” she said. “This buffalo was in this beautiful position. I changed the lighting a little bit and it turned out to be this beautiful painting.”

Western Art Auction vice-chairperson Pat Guillemaud said the competition has taken place for more than two decades and showcases the artistic talent of Grade 12 students from across southern Alberta while depicting the western heritage of the province.

“Western art can be many different things,” said Guillemaud. “Western art is not just cowboys and Indians it could be the mountains or it could be an old church or old barn. It promotes western values and our western heritage.”

The competition includes entries from across southern Alberta and Guillemaud said they can always count on quality entries from the foothills.

“We always get entries from that area and we usually get a winner also,” she said.

Feluch’s painting will hang in Hall D of the BMO Centre along with the other entries for the duration of the Calgary Stampede from July 5 to 14.

“I’m very excited,” said Feluch. “Just like any artist we like to get our art out there. When you get a prestigious award like this it gets your name out there and it’s really fantastic.”

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