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The History of Rudolph

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Swinton's Holiday Newsletter

As most of you who follow this newsletter know I have a thing for Santa paintings. As a kid, the night would fall, and I would be in the dark of my bedroom. The radiating coloured glow of Christmas lights my dad had strung would beam in my window from the eaves above. I had a small transistor AM radio tethered to my bedpost that would play Christmas music as I would count down the day till the jolly big guy would finally arrive. I always knew he could make it because Rudolph was guiding his sleigh. Rudy has become so ingrained into our lexicon of Christmas but it really wasn’t that long ago he came to be. Here is a fun little video on Rudolph’s history and after the video is another fun video of Sir Rudolph having his portrait painted by the uber-talented Michelle Grant.

Thanks, Michelle for doing this spectacular painting. You can check out more of Michelle’s artwork by clicking here.


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