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Contemporary knowledge dedicated to the making of traditional materials. Beautiful, high quality, bright paint.


Gamblin Artist's Oil Colours are made with pure pigments and the finest refined linseed oil. As there are no adulterants or additives in Gamblin colours, each colour retains its own unique characteristics including tinting strength, undertone and texture.

Gamblin is dedicated to maintaining the tradition of oil painting while also working towards an artist's studio with no exposure to toxic solvents.


Crafted by hand with the well-being of artists, their work, and the environment in mind. True to historic working properties, yet safer and more permanent, they combine the best traditions of the past with the latest technical innovations, giving you the freedom to create without compromise.


Made with the finest grades of pigment available, Gamblin Artist's Oils have luscious working properties, and each colour possesses unique characteristics in terms of texture, undertone, and tinting strength. The range of colours includes both historically accurate paints and modern, synthetically derived hues. 


All Gamblin Artist's Oil Paints are completely non-toxic when used as recommended. Most are made with alkali-refined linseed oil as a binder, which creates a strong, flexible paint film and yellows significantly less than cold press linseed oil, the traditional binder in oil paints. Select colours that use safflower oil as a binder. Not only are these vegetable oils completely non-toxic, but they are also commonly used in health and beauty products, so you can trust in their safety.




White is the heart of any line of artists’ colours. Between half and three-quarters of the paint on most oil paintings is white, so the white colour holds most paintings together.


When selecting white oil colours, consider tinting strength. The more opaque the white, the higher its tinting strength and the more it will “reduce” the colour. The higher the tinting strength, the lighter the value of the colour/white mixture (tint).


Radiant White, our most buttery white, and Titanium White have the highest tinting strength. Excellent for direct painting styles, they make the brightest, most opaque tints and will reflect the highest percentage of light off the painting surfaces.


The Flake White Replacement project evolved from a prominent artist’s request for Lead (Flake) White, which had been the only white pigment commonly available until titanium dioxide was produced in 1920. Not surprisingly, the artist wanted Flake White’s working properties without the lead. Challenged, Robert tested all the Flake White oil colours on the market and found tremendous differences among them.


To make Gamblin’s version, he matched the working properties generally considered typical of Lead White: warm in colour, a dense and heavy paste with a long and “ropey” quality, and a unique look to the impasto stroke.

Gamblin Oils - Whites

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