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Four Pencil Stubs

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Derwent Pastel Pencils Worked to Death

A man accompanied by his wife visited Swinton's one day. Being around 80 years of age, this was a special outing. They went out only when it was absolutely necessary.

"I work them to a stub" he said, displaying in his hand four tiny remains of what used to be pencils.

Drawing is a sacred act, an ancient activity, a language onto itself. There is hardly a human being that hasn't done it. If you doodle, you draw. Some however, take this simple act to another level...

To some, drawing is pleasurable and contains traces of what might be called - the soul. This part of being human cannot be revealed any other way. To others, drawing is a struggle. In attempt to emulate or trace a vision of excelence, one can get very frasturated. Whatever drawing is to you, I'm certain that if you spend some time doing it, you will start to depend on the things you know. The tools you trust.

"Those are his favorites!" she said, glowing youthfully with pride; "Can you please help him find the exact same one's?"

Just before leaving the store happy with his four new Derwent Pastel Pencils in matching colours, he placed the old remains on the counter, saying "you can keep these to show people how far you can work them."

We are happy to oblige.

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